• "Marine Ices is a true classic. In the summer, expect long queues for the much-loved ice cream favourites - coffee, vanilla with pods and white chocolate are all crowd-pleasers"

  • “...what’s on offer is incredible. And it's so rich and filling that it's wise to go for one less scoop than you planned. We'd highly recommend the coffee and banana flavours.  One thing to note - word about this place has got out, so the queues there in the summer are crazy. ”

  • “Glorious Italian gelati” have served generations of kids at this Camden Town “perennial””

  • “The founder of Marine ices moved to London from Italy, armed with his family gelati and sorbet recipes, and since 1931 his family have been serving some of the best and most authentic tasting ice cream in London. They still use the same recipes today and favourites include classics banana, chocolate and vanilla”

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  • “The range of flavours is extensive... The quality of the ice cream is fantastic, along with the tasty assorted wafers that come with it. The presentation is great...If you fancy treating your kids and watching them smile, then it's definitely worth a visit. Blows Mr Whippy out of the water all day long.”

    Splasher69 (TripAdvisor Review)

  • “Brilliant place! Took my little sister there and we were looked after very well by the friendly ice cream team. Welcomed us in and let us taste whatever we wanted. I went with theTiramisu and cookies and cream on a waffle and was seriously good! Really nice buzz there. I will be back before long.”

    Icepik83 (TripAdvisor Review)

  • “I've been a few times in the last month, I liked the ice cream so much. Real Italian Ice cream, the soft & delicious kind. Very friendly staff. I was offered to try whatever flavour I liked before buying cos there's so many tempting ones to choose from. The dark choc is scrumptious! Perfect for pud after a meal out. Looking forward to heading back try more!”

    Martha C (TripAdvisor Review)

  • “If historic repute is anything to go by, Marine Ices’ heritage affords it an instant stamp of authenticity. The recipes, first brought to London from Italy by founder Gaetano Mansi in 1931, haven't changed.”

  • “Being Italian I am hard to please as there's an art to recreating authentic Italian ice cream, but the founders of Marine Ices are Italian through and through and the ice cream lives up to their roots!”